JOHANNESBURG – Ailing state utility Transnet Freight Rail is suffering yet another setback following a major train derailment in northern KwaZulu-Natal.

On Sunday, shortly after 6am, two Transnet trains, transporting tonnes of coal, derailed after colliding near Richards Bay.

Initial reports suggest one train rear-ended another, which was stationary due to a power outage.

Sunday’s collision has resulted in the loss of tonnes of coal as Transnet Freight Rail scrambles to clear the scene.

TFR said a statement would be released in due course but according to insiders, the possibility of sabotage cannot be ruled out.

A derailment of TFR’s main line in Ulundi in November 2022 was reported to have cost the country R1 billion a day.

The line took weeks to repair and reopen.

At the time, TFR said they could not rule out the possibility of sabotage, following a dispute with a local business forum just days prior.

By Dirk

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