The Democratic Alliance (DA) says its Multi-Party Charter (MCP) which consists of ten parties, will bring in enough votes and parliamentary seats to finally unseat the African National Congress (ANC) and keep the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) out.

DA Leader John Steenhuisen says the idea of a “Moonshot Pact’, which consists of like-minded organisations will put personal party agendas aside and unite for the best interests of the country and our collective future.


“The combined powers of all the Charter members will bring in enough votes and parliamentary seats to finally unseat the ANC – and keep the EFF out. As the concept of the Multi-Party Charter gains momentum, more and more parties and civil-society organisations and getting on board.”

Since its official inception in August 2023 at the Johannesburg Convention Centre, the DA says the Charter has sparked interest across SA’s diverse racial, cultural and political spectrum, uniting leaders behind a common goal. A mission to rescue SA.

The Multi-Party Charter for SA pre-election agreement has been signed by the leaders of the Democratic Alliance, the Inkatha Freedom Party, Freedom Front Plus, ActionSA, the African Christian Democratic Party, the United Independent Movement, the Spectrum National Party, the Independent South African National Civic Organisation, the Ekhethu People’s Party and the United Christian Democratic Party.


The DA has also released its feature documentary titled, “United to Rescue SA: The Multi-Party Charter for South Africa.”

This documentary is about the DA’s support for the MPC, a collaborative initiative that seeks to unite opposition parties with a common vision to unseat the current governing party.

“In a historic moment for our democracy, the potential for change has emerged. To reach the pivotal threshold of 50%-plus-one necessary for establishing a new national government, citizens must support the DA with their votes, ensuring the Charter surpasses the 50% milestone,” said the party.

By Dirk

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