• The Human Rights Commission expresses concern, highlighting that floods and storms can lead to violations of fundamental human rights
  • The SAHRC is conducting an oversight visit to Ladysmith, KwaZulu-Natal, following multiple fatal storms and floods that have claimed over 20 lives
  • Extensive infrastructure damage reported across the province prompts the imminent arrival of national government authorities in KwaZulu-Natal, focusing on eThekwini and Ladysmith

The Human Rights Commission has expressed concern, stating that floods and storms can result in infringements of fundamental human rights.

The commission is currently conducting an oversight visit to Ladysmith in KwaZulu-Natal, a town that has experienced multiple fatal storms and floods, claiming over 20 lives.

Extensive damage to infrastructure has been reported in various parts of the province. National government authorities are set to arrive in KwaZulu-Natal, specifically in eThekwini and Ladysmith, on Friday to evaluate the impact on infrastructure and the loss of life.

According to eNCA, Musa Mgenge, the SAHRC, stated that schools have opened for the 2024 academic year and many learners don’t have access to uniforms or stationery.

“We are looking into this and will be assisting those in need.”

Ladysmith Civic Association protests service delivery issues

According to East Road Radio, the chairperson of the association, Maseehullah Gaffar, revealed that the town is currently facing a severe power and water crisis, with some homes enduring a 21-day shortage of these essential resources.

Gaffar points out that the municipality failed to activate flood alert sirens last month, catching communities off guard and unprepared for the disaster.

“We experienced two electricity outages within eleven months, each lasting over five days. The resulting food losses for households were astronomical, not to mention the significant losses suffered by businesses.”

Mzansi is left reeling due to the devastation caused

Tshepo Nkosi noted:

“The floods are destroying KZN.”

Edward Musetsi Pulumoetsoeu stated:

“Is there no drainage system out there?”

KZN floods displaced residents and ravaged infrastructure

Earlier in 2023, Briefly News reported that KwaZulu-Natal residents are still trying to pick up the pieces after devastating floods and an unexpected tornado tore through some parts. The storm destroyed several houses, public infrastructure and roads. The most affected towns are Inanda, which was hit by a tornado, Phoenix, Ntuzuma, Overport, Shallcross, Pinetown, Mayville and large parts of the south coast.

Story by Hajira Khota

By Dirk

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